Third-Party Certifications

Premium Quality Assured

We have partnered with the leading independent certifiers to authenticate the type and quality of our cinnamon. These well-known logos offer consumers quality assurance related to the genetic origin, cultivation, harvesting and safety of our products. These independent certifications are especially important for cinnamon products since cassia cinnamon is often mislabeled as the more expensive Ceylon cinnamon.

Certified Authentic Ceylon

Purity-IQ verification protects consumers from the vulnerabilities of mislabeled or contaminated ingredients and promotes honesty in consumer product labeling. Saigon and Korintje cinnamon are often mislabeled as the more expensive Ceylon variety. Purity-IQ biotechnology testing traces and verifies the active plant species back to their specific living origins.

Certified USDA Organic

The organic certification of our cinnamon products is regulated by the National Organic Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Products displaying the USDA organic seal must contain greater than 95% organic content and be grown and processed without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetic engineering, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and irradiation.

Verified Non-GMO

The Non-GMO Project seal provides assurance to consumers that a product has been manufactured using best practices for GMO avoidance. It's a way for suppliers, brands and retailers to show their commitment to providing consumers with choice in the marketplace.

Certified Fairtrade

Fairtrade is an independent certification that helps farmers get a fair price for their natural products. Businesses that meet certain criteria can use the Fairtrade Mark on their products to let consumers know they are ethically sourcing from Fairtrade farms. We value the relationships we have established with the people of Sri Lanka.

Verified Ultra-Low Coumarin

Eurofins is a global leader in food and pharmaceutical product testing. They offer assurance to manufacturers and consumers by providing high quality laboratory testing. Coumarin is a natural plant compound that can be toxic to the liver in high concentrations. True Ceylon cinnamon contains virtually no coumarin (<0.005%), but Cassia cinnamon can contain high levels. Some popular products, labeled as Ceylon, have been found by to contain high levels of coumarin (December 2020 Cinnamon Review).