Fairtrade Fights Poverty

Making a difference in the lives of people who grow our food.

Fairtrade is an independent certification that helps farmers get a fair price for their natural products. Businesses that meet certain criteria can use the Fairtrade Mark on their products to let shoppers know they are ethically sourcing from Fairtrade farms. Fairtrade fights trade structures that trap producers in cycles of poverty and empowers people to make a difference in their lives and communities. By supporting Fairtrade, you are helping the people who need it the most.

The Fairtrade Minimum Price applies to most Fairtrade products, and acts as a safety net for farmers and workers when prices fall below a sustainable level. The Minimum Price aims to cover the costs of sustainable production and is established by Fairtrade through an intensive consultation process with producers, traders and other stakeholders, which takes place every five years.

On top of the sale price, Fairtrade producers receive an additional Fairtrade Premium, paid to the producer organization in a lump sum. Members decide democratically on how to spend the money, such as business investments for the organization, education, healthcare, transition to organic production or community services. Neither Fairtrade nor a company they sell to can tell the producers how to spend the Premium. The Fairtrade philosophy is that producers are best placed to know what's most beneficial for them and their community. Fairtrade also supports farmers in meeting their needs between harvests though access to finance and credit.