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Single Origin Cinnamon

Treasured Since 2,000 B.C.


This is a great Ceylon, milder and not overpowering so it blends super well with everything. Great aroma and a lovely smooth texture. This is a great product and will last.

Amy Murphy

Bought on MD' s recommendation to help control blood glucose levels. It works!

Kindle C

Our search for true Ceylon cinnamon is over! The quality is high and we look forward to the results of our next A1C! We recommend without reservation!


Great antioxidant and up to date I have great control of my high cholesterol.

Juan E Garriga

 I love the great aroma and excellent flavor. As a cinnamon lover, I've tried several different brands and this is by far the best Ceylon powder.

Ina C.

Exactly what I was looking for with a decent price. Very mild compared to the more common Vietnamese or Chinese grown cinnamon. This is exactly what you want without the high toxins.

Diane Norcross

My 1st taste was not what I expected but the more I eat it the more I love it. I put it on toast with honey, I use it in homemade oat meal and I use it in my smoothies. I am always thinking what I can use it on next. Will never go back to McCormick.

Debbie Jarrell

By your true cinnamon here because it is the very best I have ever found. This is the natural source for real cinnamon. It is more potent and certainly less dangerous than cassia which is false cinnamon.


I started taking this after my blood sugar increased rather suddenly over the course of a year. It has brought me back within normal range and stabilized it. I take one with breakfast and one with lunch. It upset my stomach a little at first, but now take it mid-meal and have no problem.

  • Nature's True Cinnamon

  • Harvested in Sri Lanka

Nature's True Cinnamon

Harvested in Sri Lanka